Saint Panteleimon" Ensemble choir


The ensemble "Saint Panteleimon" has been existing more than 20 years in St. Panteleimon church at the Central Clinical Hospital of Russian Railways (Moscow, Russia). Participating in all worship services, the team also has concert activities. Particular attention is paid to the study and interpretation of the ancient Russian music. The liturgical and concert repertoire includes Znamenny, Put and Demestvenny chants, as well as Strochnoy, Demestvenny and Early Partes Russian Polyfony. Old Russian paraliturgical music is represented in the concert programs. The team has participated and won various festivals and competitions both in Russia and abroad: "Arzamas domes" (Arzamas, Russia, 2018), "Silver Psalter" (Dubna, Russia, 2019) ; IV festival of church choirs of Moscow "Sing to our God, sing" (Moscow, 2019), XV International festival for Orthodox music "Holy Mother of God - It is truly meet" (Pomorie, Bulgaria, 2019), festival of ancient Russian singing traditions "Istoki" ( St. Petersburg, 2020, 2021), International Vocal Choral Festival-Competition "Crystal Chapel" (Moscow, 2021, 2022), International Festival of Orthodox Music Days in Hajnówka (Hajnówka, Poland, 2021).

Titles of Church Songs