Valeri Valeriev Popov


Valeri Valeriev Popov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in the year of 1976. From a young age he has been fascinated by different genres of music - Bulgarian Folk, Rock & Roll, Classical, Jazz, and more. From 13 years of age, he takes lessons in solfegio, piano, guitar, and drums. When 14 years old, Valeri enrolls in the Plovdiv Spiritual Seminary, where he studies Byzantine Music, among other spiritual subjects. Mr. Popov also holds a master's degree in Macro Economics. Valeri Popov is one of the founding members of the choir of the Plovdiv Metropolis, Saint Marina (later renamed Holy Apostle Erm). He has served as a main chanter in many and important churches and monasteries in Bulgaria, including the Stavropegial Monasteries of Bachkovo and Troyan (both dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos), the Cathedral of the Plovdiv Diocese, The Dormition of the Theotokos, the Metropolitan's church of Plovdiv, Saint Marina, the Temple of the Holy Trinity in Plovdiv, and others. He has participated in Byzantine Music concerts in Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy. During his continuous occupation as a Byzantine chanter, Valeri participates in the production of numerous CD's with Byzantine Hymns, including "Lux in Tenebra", 2006 (Producer), and "Bouquet from the East", 2020 (artist).

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