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Church Interior & Architecture

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Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould is an artisan and designer specializing in traditional buildings and liturgical art. He is a well known designer of Orthodox Churches.

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Dimosthenis Avramidis

Dimosthenis has been teaching Icon Painting and Mosaic at the University of Western Macedonia. In 2013 he was elected as Assistant Professor at the Ecclesiastical Arts and in 2016 as an Associate Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Gheorghe Gheorghiță-Vornicu

Gheorghe is a sculptor, carver, furniture maker, and art instructor from Romania.
He has spent the most of his life working in the area of Orthodox Liturgical art.

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Miroslaw Trochanowski

Miroslaw Trochanowski, a painter and iconographer, displays his frescoes work at the Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, Humenne (Slovakia).