Icon Painting Online Course "Pantokrator" with Fr Anthony Gunin

About the Course

This online course is dedicated to the creation of the icon of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, known as "Pantocrator" in Greek (He Who Holds All).

On video, you can watch the entire process of icon painting from start to finish.
Fr Anthony, if you wish, will be available online for two weeks from the start of your studies to monitor your progress, comment on your work, and answer your questions in a secure Telegram group chat.
The entire course lasts approximately 25 hours.
It contains seven (7) thematic lessons that cover transferring the image to the icon board, applying the basic colour spots, outlining and shading Jesus' garments, highlighting them, painting the body parts and hair, making assist and writing a text on the Gospel pages, and finally titling the image.

These seven (7) icon painting lessons are divided into 45 parts, each lasting about 30 minutes.

This course is not suitable for beginners as it requires participants to have some prior experience and basic painting skills.

Course curriculum:
Lesson 1

1.1 - The first flat-lay. Transfering the drawing to the icon board.
1.2 - Corrections the drawing on the icon surface. Scratching the lines of the drawing. Erasing the color lines.

Lesson 2

2.1 - The second flat-lay. Applying the first primer ochre layer and its intensification on the certain spots. Putting the color linings under the basic color spots of the image.
2.2 - Making and applying the basic colors of the background, chiton and himation.
2.3 - Refining the silhouettes of the applied spots. Making and applying the colors for body and golden parts, pages and sides of the Gospel.
2.4 - Mending and fixing holes and bald spots on the colored surfaces.
2.5 - Making and applying the basic colors of Christ's hair and halo. Mending of these spots.

Lesson 3

3.1 - Painting outlines on Christ's chiton, golden parts and body.
3.2 - Outlining Christ's himation.
3.3 - Painting shadows on chiton and himation.

Lesson 4

4.1 - Making and applying a negative layer for future highlights on Christ's chiton and himation.
4.2 - Painting the highlights on chiton.
4.3 - Glazing and future refining chiton highlights.
4.4 - Painting the highlights on himation.
4.5 - Continuing with the highlights on himation.
4.6 - Continuing with the highlights on himation and glazing it.
4.7 - Refining the highlights on himation.
4.8 - Finishing the highlights on himation.

Lesson 5

5.1 - Preparing and painting the shadows on the body parts.
5.2 - Smoothing and perfecting the shadows on the Holy face.
5.3 - Perfecting the shadows on the hands.
5.4 - Making and painting the first layer of highlights on the body parts.
5.5 - Painting the second layer of highlights on the Holy face. Perfecting it.
5.6 - Painting the second layer on the hands. Glazing the body parts.
5.7 - Refining the details on the Holy face. Outlining the Facial features and adding some extra cast shadows.
5.8 - Applying the lightest accents and making the rouge blush on the body parts.

Lesson 6

6.1 - Painting Christ's hair. Applying the first and the second layers of highlights on it.
6.2 - Painting Christ's hair. Applying the first and the second layers of highlights on it. Other side.
6.3 - Glazing of the hair. Painting of the accents on the strands of the hair and finally glazing it.
6.4 - Contouring and making shadows of the hair.
6.5 - Contouring and making shadows of the hair. Continuation.
6.6 - Continuing painting the hair shadows.
6.7 - Continuing painting the hair shadows. Final part.
6.8 - Painting the Christ's beard.
6.9 - Continuation of the beard painting and increasing its volume with dark accents.

Lesson 7

7.1 - Correction of the pages of the Book. Painting of the edges of the Gospel paged. Glazing and perfecting them.
7.2 - Painting the letters of the text on the Gospel pages.
7.3 - Painting the letters of the text on the Gospel pages. Continuation.
7.4 - Continuation of painting the letters.
7.5 - Continuation of painting the letters. Final part.
7.6 - The third flat-lay. Making the golden assist on the clavius.
7.7 - Correction of the golden assist rays with paint. Applying the wort for the assist to the edges of the Gospel cover.
7.8 - Gluing gold to the Gospel cover edges and correction of the assist.
7.9 - Outlining the halo and the cross on it. Painting the Greek letters on the parts of the cross.
7.10 - Signing the ready icon with the abbreviation of Christ's Name. Making the color edge along the perimeter of the icon.

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Your Instructor

Fr Anthony Gunin

Fr. Anthony Gunin was born in Voronezh, Russia. Studied at the Architect Academy and St. Tykhon Theological University in Moscow without getting diploma.
Fr Anthony started to try himself in iconography around 1995. He took part in the paintings of the churches in Russia, Greece, USA, fulfilled the church and personal orders for the portable icons. From 2006 he was the member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
In 2012 moved to USA. Now he lives with his family in Boston MA, still carrying out various iconographic orders.
In his style Anthony always focused on the Russian master Dionysius and the masters of so called Paleologic Revival.

"....Fr Anthony is without a doubt one of the world's greatest tempera iconographers.
His paintings establish a link between aetherial and tangible art using Iconography as a medium.
On those paradoxical Icons, there is Strength from High Places and a Depth of Spirit.
Supernatural reality appears so close to us in those images of the Heavenly Visitors, yet we know it exists outside of our dull perspective.
It takes a great deal of time and effort to produce a truly spectacular icon.
Because the Iconographer did not rush the experience, such works are masterpieces.
He savoured the moment and relished this extraordinary opportunity.
Those Visitors are opening the door to us through which Grace flows down to others in need."

Fr Anthony Gunin

Course Language:

English & Russian

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