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We want to welcome you all to our Orthodox Film Archive section of our Festival. The Films are not submissions in the Festival but a result of our research for quality films made by Orthodox Filmmakers. If you come here for the first time, check below our Categories for links to the Film & Theatre profiles.

Orthodox Films

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"KANANGA" - Documentary 2018 (with English subtitles)

The everyday life of the Orthodox Christian community of Kananga, in Democratic Republic of Congo, a war-ridden country with thousands of victims and one of the most dangerous places in the world.

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20 Years Later. Lay Sisterhood of St Elisabeth Convent (with English subtitles)

A convent that is open to the world and pursues an active social ministry in hospitals and long-term care institutions, in education, among bed-ridden patients, the disadvantaged and the poor.

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Saint John the Russian-(English Subtitles)

Saint John the Russian Pious, Confessor of the Faith was born 1690 in Ukraine. He died June 9, 1730 Ürgüp, Turkey Honored in Eastern Orthodoxy Major shrine Church of Saint John the Russian in the village Prokopion in Evoia of Greece.