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Dear Visitors

We want to welcome you all to our Orthodox Film section of our Festival. The Films here are not submissions in the Festival but a small example of quality films made by Orthodox Filmmakers.

This section will official open on the 17th of September.

Orthodox Cinema

"No Candies from Heaven"

Within the confines of a Christian orphanage in Ethiopia, we witness the daily activities of its little inmates. About fifty children of all ages, from infants to adolescents, are taken care of by nannies, nurses and volunteers, while initiated to stringent religious education.

"Christmas Anti-fable"

An allegorical film where 3 scientist are called to save a dying species living under the earth utilizing a new procedure - the transformation of a human.

"Shores of Twilight"

Based on a short story by Author Alexandros Papadiamantis, the film tells the story of a mature man disturbed by the vision of a young woman ones glimpsed at a window from the sea.

"The Rite of Holmgang"

A short drama set in the Viking era of Scandinavia. Created entirely in the language of Old Norse, it tells a symbolic story of two warriors, each representing an alternate view of the gods, at a point when the Vikings were soon to experience the arrival of a new religion from the East...

"Athanasius of Alexandria"

The second episode of an ongoing Orthodox web series called 'Patristix' where we look at Orthodox themes, teachings and the Early Church with a short and cosy format. This episode focused on the legendary Saint Athanasius.


A Romanian Christmas in Concert
The story of a Romanian youth group keeping ancient Christmas traditions alive. Through the power of song and through their faith, they bring joy to thousands across Transylvania with beautiful carols and stunning national costumes. Many of the carols are being presented for the first time to a Western audience!


A sci-fi comedy inspired by the Bible's 'Three Wise Men'. A bit of humour and space travel added to some discreet Orthodox symbolism.


A poetry film inspired by the epic and incredible story of Saint George.

"The Path of Love"

A convent that is open to the world and pursues an active social ministry in hospitals and long-term care institutions, in education, among bed-ridden patients, the disadvantaged and the poor.

" Islam, Holy Icons & St. John of Damascus"

This is the story of St. John of Damascus, one of the great Church Fathers, who lived in a time of much change and turmoil. In a time when Orthodox doctrine was maturing, St. John confronted challenges from both outside and inside the church. From without, there was the rise of Islam to confront as St. John became the first Christian writer to approach the new faith in a systematic manner with a defense of the divinity of Christ against Islamic claims. From within, St. John defended the veneration of holy icons against the claims and attacks of the Iconoclasts.

Human Transformation through Repentance - "St. Mary of Egypt"

Repentance is the tearing down of the wall that separates us from God. Each year during Great Lent, the church holds before us an enduring example of repentance and a reflection of the radical change that can occur in a human being with the life of St. Mary of Egypt.

"St. Ignatius of Antioch the God Bearer"

This is the story of the Life & Martyrdom of the Hieromartyr Ignatius the God-Bearer, who was a disciple of the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.

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