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"A wellspring of humility - St. Nektarios of Aegina"

About the Film

St. Nektarios was one of the most influential figures in Orthodoxy during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and yet during his lifetime he suffered unjust persecution, often lived in poverty, and was ridiculed and marginalized by those of the world who judge only by appearances and hearsay. Yet, when we look back with the advantage of time, we can see a devout Christian who throughout his life put in to practice everything that Christ taught. When persecuted and reviled, Nektarios blessed. When evil tried to overcome him, he overcame evil with good. This due to his overwhelming love for Christ and others and his boundless humility and longsuffering. He is one who through great hardship overcame the world through God's grace and came to live the resurrection even in this life.

St. Nektarios taught that one should find balance between their intellectual and spiritual formation. This he achieved in his own life, being both a bright scholar and a true ascetic and mystic of Christ. He wrote numerous influential books, including God’s Revelation to the World, The Ecumenical Synods of the Church, Sketch Concerning Man, Christology, Know Thyself, and On the Immortality of the Soul. These were writings of a high standard, reminiscent of the early Church Fathers and the books, along with his many articles and letters to theologians and clerics, and his sermons, contributed greatly to the spiritual renewal of Greece.

But above all, St. Nektarios was devoted shepherd of Christ. He counseled and healed many through God's grace. Even today, there are stories of miracles that occurred through his intercessions both during his lifetime and after his blessed repose. St. Nectarios, please pray for us.

Music sources: Arab Instruments, Nikos Filipidis,
Nathan Speir, Aristidis Vasilaris, Simonopetra, Cappella Romana, Aleksandr Panteleimon.

1. St. Nektarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina, vol. 1, The Later Life of the Saint and the Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent (Strongylis)
2. St. Nektarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina, vol. 2, The Catechetical Letters (Strongylis)
3. St. Nektarios of Aegina: Metropolitan of Pentapolis (Cavarnos)
4. Homilies by St. Nektarios V1-3 (St. George Monastery)
5. Saint Nektarios: The Saint of Our Century (Chondropoulos)
6. For Mind and Heart: St. Nektarios as Teacher (New Rome Press)
7. Saint Nectarios of Pentapolis' life and works: a historical - critical study (Strongylis)

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