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"Christmas Anti-fable"

About the Film

An allegorical film where 3 scientist are called to save a dying species living under the earth utilizing a new procedure - the transformation of a human. This Sci -fi tale in a film noir background has received numerous international awards.

Director: Efthimios Hatzis
Adapted for the screen by: Fr Constantine Stratigopoulos
Short story: Elias Voulgarakis

Director of Photography: Panayiotis Klidaras

Original musical score: Evanthia Reboutsika
Editing: Lambis Haralambidis
Art direction and costume: Eleni Kariori
Sound design: Manos Manousakis
Costume design: Ioli Michalopoulou
Executive producers: Kostas Lambropoulos, Georgios Kyriakos
Prodcution: Viewmaster Films
Produced by: ΤΕCHΝΑVΑ, T-ART


Dimitris Imellos, Hao Huang, Sunny Ohilebo
Nikitas Tsakiroglou, Titika Sarigkouli
Glykeria Patramani, Michael Ikonomou, Iosif Polizoidis


• Drama International Short Film Festival 2017
Winner: Best Cinematography
• Byzanfest 2019
Winner: Best Direction & Best Cinematography
• Ozark Mountain International Film Festival 2017
Winner: Best Short Film
• Five Continents International Film Festival 2017
Winner: Best Sci-Fi Short Film, Best Screenplay Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Design
• Near Nazareth Film Festival 2017
Winner: Special Gratitude: "For Cooperation and Strengthening Friendship and Understanding between nations"
• Genre Celebration Festival 2017
Winner: Best Sci-Fi Short & Best Cinematography
• THESS International Short Film Festival 2017
Winner: Cinematic Achievement Award
• 12 Months Film Festival 2017
Winner: Best Sound Design
• Athens International Film Festival 1995
Nominee: Best Short Film
• Asian World Film Festival 2017

**Director Efthimios Hatzis a Greek-American filmmaker grew up in the Bronx, New York.

His desire for independent filmmaking began at the University of Pennsylvania where an interest in astrophysics led him to a screening of Andre Tarkovski's film STALKER. Deeply inspired by the viceral experience of this film, he decided to pursue Visual Communications and earned a Bachelors of Arts degree.
His continued commitment earned a Masters of Fine Arts in film direction from N.Y.U.'s Tisch School of the Arts, where his work received a Golden Eagle Award, Mobil Foundation Award, along with a Paramount Pictures Grant.
His first feature film SHORES OF TWILIGHT was funded by the Greek Film Center. It's arthouse appeal encouraged him to continue filmmaking in Greece, where he work and live today. He has been working in film, television series and teaching directing at film schools ever since.

"...I can honestly say, my time in Athens, with its daily dose of ancient and byzantine culture uniquely melting into a modern world, has deeply influenced my creative process. A craving desire for what is unspoken and often unseen, continues to inspire my heart to respond in ways that reveal surprises."

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"To equip, inspire and prepare a generation of actors, writers and directors to create profound works of art for the life of the world."
The first Orthodox Film College.
“Help the Orthodox Missions all over the World to accomplish their outstanding works that often carry in the most difficult of circumstances.


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