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"The Lucky Girls"

About the Film

Housing one hundred residents (with a capacity for 200 residents), ranging in age from toddlers to college-aged women, the Theotokos Girls’ Hostel provides a full range of services to young women during their years of growth. The hostel’s staff is facing what has come to be known as “the girl problem” in India. Female babies are much more likely to be aborted in India. An estimated 4 – 12 million girls have been aborted using “selective abortions” in the past three decades in India (NYT, 2011).

Adolescent girls often resort to begging, abusive forms of labor, or prostitution to make a living. With an education, the prospects for a young woman are much brighter. The PSOC seeks to ameliorate the struggles of young women who are orphaned and abandoned at a young age. Through the generous donations of international supporters, many of our high school graduates have obtained acceptance from the most rigorous Universities in the city. In the future, some of the girls want to take on administrative and teaching positions within the PSOC, helping meet the dream of sustainability. Others will obtain jobs in the private and public sectors, and will be well equipped to pursue each of their personal goals.

This film is about the PSOC’s groundbreaking work to improve the lives of women in West Bengal is available.
The Philanthropic Society of the Orthodox Church (PSOC) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered by the government of West Bengal, India.

Their purpose is to help individuals and families facing poverty and destitution in and around the city of Kolkata (Calcutta), regardless of tradition or personal creed. They work to improve the lives of those shunned by society, those who are orphaned, widowed, handicapped, homeless, sick and poor within our immediate community. Working together with their international supporters and local staff, they administer services on a needs basis, approaching each of our projects with an eye towards sustainability.

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"Worldwide Association of Women in Byzantine Chant". - The world’s first official and largest membership platform for women in Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music.


"To equip, inspire and prepare a generation of actors, writers and directors to create profound works of art for the life of the world."
The first Orthodox Film College.
“Help the Orthodox Missions all over the World to accomplish their outstanding works that often carry in the most difficult of circumstances.


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Museum of Russian Icons – Is a non-profit art museum located in Clinton, Massachusetts, USA. The largest private collections of Russian icons outside of Russia.OFFICIAL SPONSOR OAF -
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A unique Gallery based in Glastonbury in a friendly environment enhanced by a number of virtual galleries offering outstanding art and a variety of services to artists, byers and visitors. 
Potamitis Publishing – Orthodox Children's Books is the first-ever Orthodox publishing ministry that publishes books exclusively for Orthodox children. 
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