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Fine Art

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We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to

our Fine Art Portfolio Category.
Here are a few samples of presentations from last year's Festival.
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Fine Art Portfolio

Nikola Sarić

Nikola Sarić positions himself as a viewer of human thought and action in areas such as art and contemporary history, theology and architecture.

Julia Stankova

The secret of her vigorous spiritual rush is hidden in the way she listens to the words of Christ. She perceives them not so much with her intellect as through her delicate and intelligent heart. Every woman awarded with the sight of Christ, converts herself into a gospel woman.

Fotis Varthis

Engraver & Printmaker located in Athens, Greece. The byzantine painting, as a visual language, is related to the themes depicted in his works, trying to transfer a painting tradition of centuries, which is maintained, renewed and enriched.

Anna Zandberga-Šenke

I record time, ask questions, look for answers, get angry, rejoice, grieve, wander, climb my endless mountain. Where do we come from and where are we going? The Eternal Question...

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Giorgos Kordis

The Athens based fine artist & iconographer George Kordis may perhaps be considered as one of the most important representatives of the revival of the icon.

Ouresis Todorovich

Dr Ouresis Todorovich is a contemporary artist and a scholar. He teaches Byzantine painting at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia in Greece.

Alevtina Druart

A French Artist who lives & work in Paris.

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Maria Danishvar

Maria is a Ukrainian born artist and a classical musician who lives and work in UK.

Fotini Chamalidou

A Sustainable Visual Artist who invented a new type of art called "Sustainable Food Waste Artwork."
As a Social Artist Educator, she also collaborates with several organisations and designs and runs a range of learning programmes.

Anna Poloz

Anna Poloz (b. 1996) creates both modern and traditional styled icons for the glory of God and was heavily influenced by the modern Renaissance of icon painting in present-day Lviv, Ukraine.

Natalia Tabusheva

The creative artist’s interest is disclosure the most characteristic features of modern man, the psychology of his soul.

Govedarou Anastasia

Anastasia likes to give a mystic atmosphere to her landscapes inspired mainly by the greek light and colors. Her portraits give the deep character of men and women with a love for details and expressive lines.

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