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Anna Poloz

Artist Summary

Anna Poloz (b. 1996) is an eclectic American-born Orthodox Christian artist & iconographer of Ukrainian and Belarusian descent.
She creates both modern and traditional styled icons for the glory of God and was heavily influenced by the modern Renaissance of icon painting in present-day Lviv, Ukraine.
Her works are marked by an attentive focus on loving-kindness and long-suffering as expressed in the faces and gestures of her subjects, regardless of style.

Her modern styled icons utilize the symbolic language of ancient icons and reconfigure elements of this language in a new visual context within the icon. A common symbolic motif in this style is the use of a bare wooden background, which alludes to the wood of the life-saving Cross that is ever present in the lives of the saints and is intertwined with their sanctity as symbolized through their halos where the wood shows through. Additionally, the halos themselves contain elements of white paint as a symbol of the purification of their hearts washed by repentance and the light of God shining through them.

Anna's skills are the product of 11 years of artistic study. She has spent 3 of those years in Florence, Italy studying classical oil painting and drawing at the Florence Classical Arts Academy, contemporary art at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, and iconography with Nektaria Savioli at the Chiesa Greca Ortodossa di San Jacopo sopr'Arno. She has additionally received theological education at the Sts. Cyril and Athanasius Institute for Orthodox Studies.

Many of Anna's icons are currently held in both private collections and churches throughout the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Czech Republic.