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Govedarou Anastasia

Artist Summary

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1976 she discovered painting as her way of expressing and relaxing from when she was a small child following the same passion of her mother and grandmother.

Her studies in the Russian Academy of Art in Florence Italy in 2010-14 (Grade A) gave her the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of the Old Masters. She is a member of SKETBE, SKETKE and the Society of Artists in Kozani Greece.

She is also member of NARRATIVE MOVEMENTS, an International Artist Society based in India. With her works she creates her own sense of personal freedom and space.
Despite the constraints of the canvas, which allows her only two dimensions to work with, she is still able to create horizons that open up spaces, full of enchantment.
She loses herself in the adventure of painting among the ideas and pathways that her imagination summons up for her.
She likes to give a mystic atmosphere to her landscapes inspired mainly by the greek light and colors. Her portraits give the deep character of men and women with a love for details and expressive lines.

From September 2014 she is the owner and director of the GOVEDAROU ART GALLERY in Thessaloniki, Greece. Main purpose of the gallery is the promotion not only of her works but of other artists as well.
The gallery holds personal and group exhibitions and is equipped with all the latest means necessary for the promotion of all kinds of art.