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Alexandros Fountoglou

Artist Summary

I was born in Athens on 28/11/2002. I grew up as a child in a village just outside of Lefkada island in Greece.
I am a second-year student in the social theology and Christian culture department of the Aristotelion University of Thessalonika.

I started to be interested in the art of Byzantine iconography from the first classes of high school.
For the first five years I was basically self-taught with the help of books, the internet and the most important for me the help from a monastery in Halkidiki, I started making my first pictures.

I have attended for a year Iconography courses from the art workshop of Lefkada, painting lessons, in recent years I have taken online hagiography courses in iconography with teacher Mr. Kordis and private lessons with a hagiographer from Thessaloniki. I attended the Iconography courses from the theological school of AUTH, as well as the program on Byzantine painting from the Kapodistrian University of Athens. I have attended theological seminars about the art of Byzantine painting from Mr. Kordis and I received theological advice from a well-known theologian and conservator of Byzantine icons who has particularly dealt with the art of iconography and I consider him a theoretical teacher for me.

As far as my Iconography technique is concerned, I use traditional time-tested materials, the main one being the egg. I am trying to imitate the style of the Macedonian school of Iconography, the broad technique, and I take the models for my icons from old hagiographers such as Panselinos, the Astrapades, etc. as well as from new hagiographic houses inside and outside Mount Athos.
I have participated in a group exhibition in Lefkada, in a group exhibition of Iconography at the theological school of the Aristotelion University of Thessalonika, in an online exhibition of artists as well as in last year's Orthodox Arts Festival.