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Miroslaw Trochanowski

Artist Summary

I was born in 1977. In 1998 I graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts. A. Kenar in Zakopane.
In 2001, I received my diploma at the Iconographic College - the only such school in our part of Europe educating professional iconographers. After graduating, I received the blessing of the Holy Council of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in Poland to create icons myself.
My diploma thesis was the design and execution of the polychrome of the church under the invocation of the Holy Trinity at the same school.
I completed the next stages of the schedule (excluding the west wall) together with my future wife, Anna Baranowicz, and my sister, Lidia Trochanowska, as a graduate. In 2007. this church received the award of SARP - Association of Polish Architects. The distinction was awarded for: "contemporary interpretation of the traditional form of the Orthodox church and the use of painting as a means of expression integral to the architectural form of the chapel's interior." In 2005. It also won the main prize of the Aedificium jury assessing architectural objects in the Podlasie province.
In 2000, together with Anna Baranowicz and Lidia Trochanowska, I founded the "Mandylion" Icon Studio, which has been operating to this day. It was a significant event, because together, over the years, we have created a number of very important projects, hundreds of icons that are scattered around many countries around the world. One of the main assumptions of the work of the Icon Studio "Mandylion" is the reference to the native Slavic models, which masterfully managed to transpose the style of the Greek, Byzantine icon into their own local color and character.
As an iconographer, I am constantly working on my own way, which is still improved, progressive, but at the same time deeply rooted in the tradition of the canonical icon of the Orthodox Church of the Middle Ages.