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Sergei Burda

Artist Summary

As many have already marked themselves as artists and presented themselves in the best light, I, Sergei Burda, decided to note on this page some events of my creative life that are more interesting to me than to those around me.

I, Burda Sergey, was born in the suburb of Romanovka, in Odessa, in a priest's house, on the territory of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, destroyed in my memory in 62, in a family of musicians. My grandmother, Antonina, being an elementary school teacher by education (she graduated from a diocesan school in Odessa), taught me the basics of literacy long before I entered the first grade, which freed me for creativity from an early age. My love for my own musical performance ended abruptly with the end of high school. Having taken up the fine arts, with the blessing of God, I ended up in the workshop of Nikolai Artemovich Pavlyuk.

Nikolai Artemovich at that time was a teacher-consultant in fine arts at the Art School and Institute in Odessa. Fleeing from compulsory military service, I got into the art and graphics department, the second time, since the first time I was mistaken for a Jew (surname Burda), who, as you know, were not allowed to higher education at that time. I was lucky, at that time the faculty of art and graphics taught: Efimenko V.G., Logvin V.G., Geghamyan V.A. These were real artists, firmly entrenched in South Russian cultur
But my acquaintance with the artist Anna Zilberman had a special influence on my work. In her communal studio apartment, she gave painting lessons. A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy, severely persecuted by the Union of Artists, was subsequently forced to emigrate.

While in summer practice and making a copy in the museum, a representative of the American gallery met me. Once in my studio, he bought all my works written at that time. So my first exhibition took place in New York. In the future, my creative destiny was standard for a creative person who did not accept the conditions of the Soviet of Deputies.

I will list some of the events that I remember:

In the 90s, participation in the autumn-spring salons of the graphics committee in Moscow, on Malaya Georgian Street.
In 1994 Personal exhibition at the Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa.
2000 exhibition "Orthodox Odessa". During these years, a lot of time was devoted to commissions from the Greek Patriarchate (paintings, portraits of church hierarchs, landscapes, etc.).
In 2012, at the invitation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, an exhibition was held at the Russian Cultural Center in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The exhibition was timed to coincide with the Easter celebrations. You can still write a lot about exhibitions, countless of which happen to every artist.
In 1981, the year of wanderings and the adoption of Orthodoxy as a way of life.
In 1990 Burda Sergei created an icon-painting workshop, from which some famous icon-painters came out. During the existence of the icon-painting workshop, many projects were completed.
Sergey Burda devotes most of his work to painting temples. Let's move on to iconography.
1982-1984 Theodosius "Church of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine";
1985 p. Yaski, Odessa region Temple of Alexander Nevsky (Dome)
1987 Chernivtsi, temple in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin;
1988 Danilov Monastery, Trinity Church, Moscow
1991-1993 p. Zharki, Ivanovo region, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
1993-1995 p. Elnat, Ivanovo region, Church of the Ascension of Christ;
1996 p. Alexandrovka, Odessa region, Temple of the Dormition B.M.;
2002-2005 Church of the Holy Martyr Tatyana, Odessa;
2008 Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh (dome painting), Odessa;
2010-2012, Ilyichevsk (Chrnomorsk), Odessa region, territory of the city hospital, Church of the Icon of B.M. The guarantor of sinners;
2012 Dnepropetrovsk, St. Nicholas Church;

2015—2017 p. Pervomaiskoye, Odessa region, Church of St. Nicholas;
2021 p. Kotovka, Odessa region, St. Nicholas Church;
Burda Sergey was awarded:
1. Church order of "Saint Agapit";
2. Church order "Sergius of Radonezh".

Sergey Burda's works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

"....How do you become an icon painter? This is the interaction of the Will of God and the inner motive. People come to icon painting when they come to God, when they want to serve Christ. The soul of the icon painter is the soul of the one who prays. The soul of the praying person does not just think, but lives. Lives and feels, feels and thinks. Live and praise the Lord.
Everything related to art is an intimate topic. Art is the education of pride. And Christianity is humility, upbringing of the spirit."