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We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to

our Interviews page.

While the Festival does not begin until September 2022, here are a few examples of how they will be presented on our website.

Thank You



Printer Jennifer Rich - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Jennifer Anna Rich makes her home on a small farm near Portland, Oregon with her husband, two daughters, horses, sheep, chickens, cats, and dog. Making prayer books and cards from her letterpress studio, she tends the garden, makes parchment from her Saint Croix sheep skins...


Bishop Agathonikos of Arusha in Tanzania - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

“...We are here to teach – only in sacrifice - love and truth by example, we are here to support organically those in need. In Africa we are truly carrying the cross of mission and there is no easy path to follow”.


Simon Morsink Director of MORI - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Simon Morsink is the Director of the Museum of Russian Icons in USA.


Artist & Author Jonathan Maccormack - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

"Artist, writer, broken-hearted for God."


Trisagion Film Producers - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Trisagion Films mission is to bring the Orthodox faith to all by presenting tangible theology through original videos and articles, all to the glory of God. They cover aspects of Orthodox worship and practice, pilgrimage, the lives of the saints, iconography and the sacred arts, and recordings of homilies, interviews, and special events.


Chanter Joanne Nikolouleas - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Joanne has been a member of the Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association since 2014 and, together with Melbourne-based members, has begun to record hymns, offer support to one another and practice diligently to ensure they chant with the most prayerful spirit.


Iconographer Michael Kapeluck - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Michael is a Master Iconographer. For the past 35 years he has created icon murals and panels for over 30 churches across the U.S. and icon panels for hundreds of individuals. He continues to enjoy the challenge of pushing his skills to greater levels and he thanks the Lord for such a tremendous blessing to be able to have a sustained career in this sacred art of the Church.


Artist Nikola Sarić - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Nikola positions himself as a viewer of human thought and action in areas such as art and contemporary history, theology and architecture. Current topics range from analysis of the political-religious landscape in the light of cultural and social processes to dealing with the experience of temporal and spatial conditions as well as mental and physical conditions....


Singer, Author & Actor Jonathan Jackson - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Jonathan Jackson a multi-faceted artist who creates meaningful pieces of art through music, film, and the written word.
He is a five-time EMMY® Award-winning actor and Critics’ Choice Award nominee, who has starred in numerous TV and films including ABC/CMT’s hit drama “Nashville” “General Hospital” “Tuck Everlasting” “The Deep End Of The Ocean” and “Insomnia”.


Iconographer Milica Misic - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Milica Misic is a talented Iconographer who lives and work in Serbia.

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