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While the Festival does not begin until September 2022, here are a few examples of how they will be presented on our website.

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Live Events

18 Jan 2022

Jonathan Jackson - was live.

Jonathan Jackson live for a Q&A and to talk about Patreon.


12 Jan 2022

Paul Kingsnorth: Beyond the Protest

Kingsnorth is an English writer and thinker currently living in Ireland. Growing up he was actively involved in protests. He has worked for Greenpeace, openDemocracy, and more. He is also a recent convert to Orthodoxy. Today John and Kingsnorth talk about the journey from protest to humbleness and seeing the divine around us.


16 Dec 2021

Holy Trinity Iconography Update: Must See Video! Live Capture of Writing of the Pantokrator Icon

Watch live as Dr. George Kordis and his iconography team start their holy work at Holy Trinity USA.