Iconographer Milica Misic - Interview for ORTHODOX ARTS FESTIVAL 2022

Milica Misic is a talented Iconographer who lives and work in Serbia.

Born 30.11.1991 in Teslić (RS / BiH) Undergraduate and master studies finished at the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Art and Conservation in Belgrade, majoring in Church Art - Icon Painting in the class of Professor dr Todor Mitrovic. Master thesis printed as a book entitled Martyrs from Vlajić-Testimony of a forgotten crime, publishing house Sinai Diocese of Zvornik-Tuzla, 2019. Member of ULUPUD since 2019.

Significant exhibitions and projects:

• Solo exhibition in the Small Gallery of ULUPUDS World, Holy, Holy Lord Savaot, Belgrade 2020.
• Sixth International Biennial of Church Art in Bulgaria 2019, the work of All Sad Joys nominated for the award.
• Fifth International Biennial of Church Art in Bulgaria 2017.
• First Biennial of Contemporary Church Art in Belgrade 2018.
• Exhibition Light of the Centuries in the Cultural Center Rakovica 2019. The exhibition was repeated in Bajina Bashta 2019, as part of the manifestation Days of Rača near the Drina.
• The first solo exhibition held in the gallery of SPKD Prosvjeta in Teslić 2018.
• Exhibition of icons and frescoes to You Sun of Justice, held at PBF 2014 in Belgrade.
• Miniature 3, exhibition in the small gallery of ULUPUDS, Belgrade 2018-2019.
• Miniature 4, exhibition in the small gallery of ULUPUDS, Belgrade 2019-2020.
• Exhibition of the Painting and Graphic Section of ULUPUDS, Belgrade 2019.
• Small format of ULUPUDS, the exhibition visited ten cities in Serbia, 2019, 2020.
• Exhibition of works by newly admitted members of ULUPUDS, Belgrade 2019.
• Exhibition of gold embroidery in Manak's house in Belgrade, 2015.
• Illustration of comics for children Sveti Prohor Pčinjski, Orthodox comic edition volume 3, Vranje 2016.
Artwork 1 Size, Medium and Info: 1999, eggtempera on cotton surface, 45x45, 2021.

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