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Discover the monastic treasures. Unique handicrafts & Monastic products from Holy Mount Athos, the Garden of Mother Mary.


On our website, you will be able to view Athonite products and find quality handicrafts, primarily from monks and monasteries on Holy Mount Athos, as well as useful information about the Garden of Our Lady Mother Mary, the Holy Monasteries, miraculous icons, modern elders, and tasty monastery recipes.

Based on our store in Daphne, Mount Athos' seaport, we search, try, and gather high-quality handicrafts and products made primarily by the monks who live in Mount Athos' cells and monasteries.

Monks are most concerned with their spiritual responsibilities.
As a result, Athonite products are made slowly and only in the monks' spare time, which is why they are available in limited quantities depending on the season.

The only recipe for all of these goods we can present to you on our website is well-kept knowledge of the past, which is grafted by God's love and human desire.

Because we loved and trusted the monastery's products, we were led to search in many other orthodox monasteries not only in Greece, but all over the world!

On our website, you will find whatever we have discovered and believe is worthy of presentation.

With love in Christ
Monastiriaka - Mount Athos

Contact Details
Tel: +30 23770 22389

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