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Park End Books brings beautiful, accessible Orthodox and Catholic books to the mainstream market. 


Park End Books is a traditional small press bringing to market accessible curricula and emerging Catholic, Orthodox, and other creedal Christian authors.

Our goals are four-fold:

To develop fully accessible church school curricula and accompanying apps in order to include persons of all abilities in the faith.

To bring to market the works of Christian authors whose worldviews are shaped by the ancient tradition, the Nicene creed, the Mother of God, and the saints.

To develop emerging Orthodox, Byzantine Catholic, Catholic, Coptic, and sacramental Protestant voices by providing paid anthology and devotional publishing opportunities.

To create beautiful books.

Our senior editor is Summer Kinard, an autistic author and workshop leader who brings to her work her background in comparative religious studies, Orthodox and Catholic theology, and church history, including American Christianity. If you have felt that your book was not understood by the Evangelical Christian publishing world because of your reliance on your ancient Christian heritage, here is an editor who speaks your language. If you are a neurodiverse Christian author with a truth to tell, here is an editor who’s listening.

We are committed to paying a fair rate to every author and artist who works with us. Currently we contract anthology and devotional authors on a fixed rate per submission structure and authors of full manuscripts (curricula, creative non-fiction, and fiction) on a standard royalty basis. We will consider higher royalty rates for some projects, such as books benefitting monastic communities or books that an author will promote heavily. As we grow, we hope to add author advances to our compensation model, but, like most small presses, we cannot do so at this time.

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