A Few Words

The Orthodox Arts Festival is an online event devoted to Orthodox Ideals that takes place every year.

Our goal is straightforward.

To provide possibilities for all active Orthodox Artists, as well as to share their combined creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world.
Our Inspirational sparks are as different as our places of origin, yet we are bonded by our shared love of Orthodoxy and the Arts.
We are a collection of Orthodox Christians, inspired dreamers, and inquisitive people who are willing to take chances and reach out into the unknown in order to serve God and our neighbours.
We chose to do so by utilising available technology to dismantle the physical constraints associated with traditional venue-based events.
To reach the widest possible audience, we utilise cutting-edge technology, such as exhibits held on Virtual Reality Platforms and live coverage.
Visual Arts, Film, Music, Chanting and Literature are the fields represented during the Festival. All of the works are based on Orthodox Christian Ideas, Culture, and Values.
Many people contributed to the realisation of this event, with active backgrounds in Fine Art Curating, Filmmaking, Iconography, IT, Architecture, PR, Business & Marketing Strategy, Vision & Leadership, and all with experience in their respective disciplines.

We appreciate their assistance.

Working Together
Advisory Board