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Joanne Nikolouleas

Advisory Board, Voting Panel.

Joanne Nikolouleas is an exceptional Orthodox Chanter who lives in Australia. She is the representative and a proud member of the Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association.

Joanna has been learning Byzantine music since 2014. Her grandfather was a head chanter in Melbourne for 20 years before returning to Greece.
As a young girl, would sit on the step of the psalter during Church services as she looked up to her grandfather chanting, hoping that one day she too would have the opportunity to learn Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music.
In 2014, found Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music classes offered to both males and females that she attended for a year and then later transitioned to private tuition.

Joanna began to notice the different elements and tonal frequencies females have to males, which prompted her to seek further guidance from Nektaria Karantzi, an internationally acclaimed Byzantine chanter from Greece known as one of the most influential voices in Byzantine chant who was inspired by her personal experience growing up as a child near Saint Porphyrios the Kafsokalyvitis.
She received the blessing and encouragement of the Saint to sing for the Lord, Byzantine music. In 2013 Nektaria founded and established the Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association which enables female chanters worldwide to connect, unite and inspire one another.

Joanna has been a member of the Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association since 2014 and, together with Melbourne-based members, has begun to record hymns, offer support to one another and practice diligently to ensure they chant with the most prayerful spirit.

Joanne Nikolouleas


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