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Nektaria Karantzi

Advisory Board, Voting Panel.

Nektaria's voice has been identified mainly with the Byzantine sacred art and has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most important voices in Byzantine Chant and Sacred Music.

Having made a remarkable impact around the world with her concerts and discography in Byzantine music, her performances are purely devoted to Byzantine Chant, the Mediterranean primeval musical tradition the religious music in Greek, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Italian, French, Aramaic (the language of Jesus Christ) etc.

The Greek vocalist Nektaria Karantzi has also been invited for Master Classes from some of the most renowned educational and musical centers in Europe, such as the Liszt Academy in Hungary, the Sorbonne University in France, the University of Oviedo in Spain etc. She is the Founder and the Honorary President of the “Women in Byzantine Music worldwide Association” and she is the President of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens.

Nektaria Karantzi


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