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Republic of Congo

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Metropolis of Kananga

Metropolis of Kananga

‘Holy Metropolis of Kanaga was created with the Patriarch's blessing - October 26, 2018 during the Synod
Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. The metropolis serves Central Kasai, East Kasai, Kasai, Luayi and
Sankourou. It is headquartered in Kanaga, its capital Central Kasai.

This is the History of the ‘Orthodox mission in Kasai:

The first Missionary in Congo, Archimandrite Chrysostomos Papasarantopoulos, arrived in Kananga in 1972, with the help of his niece Olga Papasarantou, a nurse sister. The first baptisms of the natives were made by the father himself on December 10, 1972.
After his death, he was succeeded by Archimandritis Chariton Pneumatikakis, who continue the missionary work with zeal, self-denial and obedience in this vineyard of Christ, where Father Chrysostom began. The tombs that keep their relics are located behind the Church of St. Andrew in Kanaga.

In our days Kanaga is the center of ‘Mission, consisting of Sisters Missionaries, teachers and nurses, belonging to Brotherhoods dedicated brothers in Greece and their work is self evident when one looks at the services offered to their Orthodox brothers and sisters of Kasai.

The Metropolis run "Fos Ethnon (Light of Nations)" schools, Elementary and High School for males and females, the results of which each school year are very satisfactory.

About Us

The Holy Metropolis of Kananga is maintained exclusively through the donations of ALL of you, faithful members of the Orthodox Church.

Your help is invaluable! You have many different ways to help. It is your personal choice! Decide the way yourself !!

First of all with your warm Prayer!

If you want to financially support the work of the Holy Metropolis, with any amount, by visiting our website or you can do it by depositing in the bank accounts mentioned in the adjacent box.

Then, send the deposit (deposit receipt) of the Bank to our email address with your contact details to issue the appropriate legal tax receipt.
For Donations through Bank Accounts.
Account information:
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: 225 / 006631-11 IBAN: GR9301102250000022500663111 (Holy Metropolis of Kanagas)
PIRAEUS BANK: GR1801725070005507096374505 (Panhellenic Association of Orthodox Mission "THE HOLY CHRYSOSTOMOS")

If you are unable to use a bank deposit, contact us to look for alternatives.

You can also become a sponsor of a child in his future baptism or volunteer in the multifaceted missionary work after contacting the Association.


MISSION ORTHODOXE Des Molines, Tshinsambi, Kananga République Démocratique du Congo