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Orthodox Mission "St Dionisios from Olympus"

Orthodox Mission "St Dionisios from Olympus"

Our Association was established in July 2017 aiming at supporting of the Missionary Work in Africa.

On the 17th of November in 2016, the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria elected Priestmonk Agathonikos, member of the brotherhood of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, to be the first pastor of the newly-established Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania. Since then, a difficult and multifaceted work of offer and sacrifice has begun in Central Tanzania, in the heart of Africa.

The love and concern of Elder Maximos and the brothers of the Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius of Olympus, where our Association is based, but also the reverence of many pious people for our Most Reverend Bishop Agathonikos, led to the establishment of the Association “Missionary Shelter (Ierapostoliki Stegi) St. Dionysius of Olympus”, aiming at supporting the Missionary Work, for the dissemination of the Gospel and the material support of our distressed brothers in Africa.

Since then, with the love and support of the members, works of love for our native brothers and sisters have been realized and continue being realized. Yet, above all, we participate in the struggle to spread the Gospel, so that the testimony of Christ is daily given in faraway Africa. At the same time, we try to respond also to various needs within our country.

About Us

It is completely different to talk about hunger and it is different to be hungry.
It is one thing to talk about thirst and another to look for a drop of water to quench your thirst.

When you just know about some things, you get over them quickly.
When you see them with your own eyes, playing in front of you, you may be moved for a while but you still forget them.
But when you experience them in yourself, then you neither pass them, nor forget them easily.

That is why we should not, indifferent to our fellow man, look for excuses, to overcome his problem, but look for opportunities to show our love.
Because we could very simply be in his place or even find ourselves someday.
The constant struggle of love and offering to our fellow man, we all need.

With the active participation of all members of the Association, the following projects were carried out:

1. 11 wells, for bone-dry areas.
2. Offering meals (soup kitchens) after the Divine Liturgy in the various villages and distribution of food to needy families. Through the latter, the needs of needy families are covered for quite a long time.
Polyclinic equipment at the Kindamali Mission Center. The necessary medical equipment was found through the Association for the commencement of operation of the clinic, while there are efforts being made now in order to find machinery that shall equip specific necessary medical departments, such as microbiology, pediatrics, gynecology-obstetrics, microsurgery and emergency department.
3. Money was raised for the purchase of medicines, which are provided to patients free of charge, as Iringa is the poorest and most afflicted region in Tanzania.
4. Our Association participated in the renovation of the Mission Center of Kindamali and in the expansion of the girls’ orphanage and the establishment of an orphanage for boys.

5. Granting scholarships to children for the completion and continuation of their studies in higher education institutions, since education in Tanzania even from the first grade of the primary school is paid.
Moreover, with the help of the Association, young natives from Tanzania, officials of the Arusha Diocese, went to the seat of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, in order to learn the Greek language, to get to know the orthodox liturgical tradition and the wealth of orthodoxy. Prerequisite qualification for the subsequent missionary action in their country.
6. Equipment of educational institutions, aiming at the smoother and of highest quality conduct of the courses, considering that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
7. Financial support of African university students who study in Greece.

However, a part from this part of the humanitarian aid, which is of great significance and cannot be overlooked, our Association actively participates in the most essential work of the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania, which is the testimony of the orthodox faith.

In this field, our Association plays a significant supporting role. The following projects were carried out over a three-year period:

8. Renovation of the Holy Churches of St. Georgios and Panagia of Kykkou in Kindamali; St. Konstantinos and St. Eleni in the village of Kipera; St. Paraskevi the Epivatini in the village of Intondi, and St. Ekaterini in the village of Tanagkozi.

9. Baptisms funded with donations of members of the Association. The people who are baptize dare given names of Saints chosen by the members.

10. Construction of the Holy Church of the Transfiguration of our Lord, God and Savior, of S. Porphyrius and St. Photius the Great in the village of Igagindunguat an altitude of 2000 m.
We are also involved in the construction of the Holy Monastery of the Archangel Michael, St. Minas and St. Paisius Velichkovsky in Kindamali, near the Mission Center, where our brothers in Central Tanzania shall have the opportunity to experience and learn the orthodox liturgical tradition and life, as such is conveyed and preserved through the centuries through the orthodox monasticism and the ascetic life. Besides, as our Elder, Fr. Maximos, characteristically writes in the pre face of the first magazine that we published, “hesychasm is the heart of the mission”.

11. A bold venture was the publication of the first issue of our magazine titled “In the Foot steps of the Apostle Mark”, which is dedicated first to the visit of His Beatitude Theodoros II, the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa at the Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania, and to the works, material and spiritual, that have taken place so far in Tanzania with the assistance of our Association. The magazine is sent free of charge to all members and donors of the Association so that they be informed on the progress of the missionary service in the African continent.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that our Associational so contributes to emergency needs of our brothers and sisters in the inland of the country by distributing food, medicine and basic necessities.
In order for all these important projects to be carried out, finding financial resources is necessary.
You can support the work of our Association by registering as a member or depositing your love in one of the bank accounts:

NATIONAL BANK: IBAN: GR 0801 1039 400000 39400 186514 SWIFT-BIC: ETHNGRAA
PIRAEUS BANK: IBAN: GR 3901 7228 100052 81091 283341 SWIFT-BIC: PIRBGRAA
EUROBANK: IBAN: GR 3302 6073 300008 80200 904147 SWIFT-BIC: ERBKGRAA
ALPHA BANK: IBAN: GR 7601 4084 008400 02002 019171 SWIFT-BIC: CRBAGRAA

Receipts are issued and sent for all deposits.
Beneficiary: Missionary Shelter

When depositing the money, please indicate the details of the depositor (name, address), in the field comments or reasoning of the depository, to facilitate the sending of receipts.

Phone: 2351700677
Fax: 2351700988