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Panhellenic Christian Association of Orthodox Mission

Panhellenic Christian Association of Orthodox Mission

The Mission is an ancient ecclesiastical institution for the spread of the Christian faith to non-believers, according to the explicit command of the Lord to the Apostles "You have always been disciples of the nations." At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is a monument to the Missionary David Livingstone, which reads: "God had a son, and he was a Missionary." As it is known, the first Missionary was the Godman himself. The Apostles continued the Mission, the Witnesses strengthened it and the Fathers of the Church defended it.

By the 12th century the message of the Gospel had spread from Byzantium to most of the then known world. During the period coinciding with the Crusades, the missionary activity of Byzantium was stopped and stopped completely with the fall of Constantinople by the Turks. The Russian Church also practiced the Orthodox Mission during these years, but with the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia the Mission was stopped because it was banned by the regime.

The Greek Church, tied to the historical adventures of the nation, has only recently been able to take an interest in the Foreign Mission. Along with the Church of Greece, there are also various private associations of foreign Mission in various parts of Greece such as: Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Crete, etc., to help the Missionaries, who work in all kinds of material, the whole world.

One of these associations is the "PANHELLENIC CHRISTIAN GROUP OF ORTHODOX FOREIGN MISSION", based in Athens.

Tel.: 210 - 86.26.225 and fax: 210 - 86.26.

About Us


Our Group was founded by our Spiritual Father and his associates, who did not remain unmoved and indifferent to the calls for help of the Missionaries.
According to the Articles of Association of the Group, our goals are:

1. The cultivation of the Christian life and faith.
2. Support for the Orthodox Church.
3. Charity inside the country, but also abroad.
4. The execution of public works.
5. The moral and material support to the Orthodox Foreign Mission around the world.

Our Group supports the Missionaries by sending many parcels, new clothes, shoes, medicines, church items (holy vestments, covers, candles, etc.), baptismal robes for our newly enlightened brothers, money for the use of money. , schools, doctor's offices, purchase of means of transport for the travels of the Missionaries, agricultural machinery for the cultivation of the land, medical tools for the equipment of the doctor's offices, etc.

Many of the letters of the Missionaries present to us a terrible reality: hunger, illiteracy, superstition, miserable living conditions, deadly diseases, civil wars and many other painful situations, which exist in most of our planet. All this proves the misery and the great human suffering.

It is worth noting, however, that the Orthodox Missionaries do not bend, do not despair of hunger, poor living conditions or epidemics, dangerous climatic conditions, poverty or the attitude of political authorities who often oppose their work. But the Missionaries with courage, with patience, with heroism, with sacrifice and above all with their Christian love, proceed to the Evangelization of the people. The result of all these efforts is that too many people embrace Orthodoxy and, because they admire their example, are baptized Orthodox Christians.

It is noteworthy that in this endeavor the Missionaries have the moral and material support of the multitude of our collaborators, friends and donors, who often from their backwardness offer for the success of their work.

Because Christians have a sacred duty to work for the salvation of their fellow human beings, we must all strive to bring the Joyful Message, the Gospel of our Lord, to all the world, that is, to become Missionaries of Christ in the modern world. The work of the Mission is a matter for the whole Church, for all of us, but also for each of us individually.

In Mission we do not seek supremacy, to gain power, we do not ask for positions, to impose ourselves on others, but we work impersonally, because Mission is a society of love and humility.

Our Group has no employees, but only volunteers and appeals to everyone: “Come and you, my brother, to help the work of our Christ. "Do not wait to be notified."

With these principles and our Orthodox faith, we invite all our fellow human beings to know our Missionary Club and to help it to the extent of their love and strength.


Trigonos 3, Athina 113 64, Greece