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St Irene Orthodox mission and orphanage

St Irene Orthodox mission and orphanage

St Irene Orthodox mission and orphanage is a charity organization that feed, clothe, shelter, educate and offer health care to vulnerable children in Njabini South Kinangop Kenya

In the year 2010, an idea sprung up in full swing to cater for the orphaned and equally needy children. The golden-hearted servants of the Lord Christ namely Fr Constantinos and presbytera Theresa extended their humane hearts and began to support vulnerable children and together they widely opened the doors of mercy for the vulnerable yet young and desperate souls. A new humanitarian dawn of hope was born and this is how St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage was founded.

During the first three years since the establishment, Presbytera Theresa played a profound role in making our vision successful. During this period, Fr Constantinos was a student at Makarios III Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. In the first three years of its initial inception and with Constantinos absence due to his studies at Makarios lll seminary, the orphanage made real significant strides immensely. Thanks to her devoted heart.

To bring up a holistic developed children Fr Constantinos holds guidance and counseling sessions with the kids. Similarly, He celebrates Divine liturgy at the mission center thrice per week to ensure that these children walk the Sacramento life according to Orthodox Faith.

About Us

O Lord, I have cried out to you, hear me. Hear you, O my Lord.
Give heed to the voice of my appeal When I cry out to you.
Please let's join hands for proper dormitory of our vulnerable kids in St Irene orthodox mission centre and orphanage.
For only $100 a month, you can help a child at the orphanage experience a life changed forever. To sponsor an individual child directly click the donate button.

May the blessing and the mercy of the lord come upon you. By His divine grace and love for mankind, always now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen. - Fr Constantinos


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